Friday, July 2, 2010

Ding Dong.....

After all the hard work that the hubby has put into our home, all the decision making, the blood, sweat, tears, sleepless nights, splinters, head injuries ( I'll tell you about that another day ), not to mention the stress a large renovation can put on a normally easy going couple. We are getting close to picking out some small finishing touches for the exterior of our nest.
I have been given the task of selecting....wait for it............a .............doorbell. All on my own, yeah.

I am not impressed with any of the door bells I have found in big box stores so decided to waste my afternoon......I mean.....research my way through endless online resources to find just the right touch for our front entrance.

This one is kinda cute it's $44 from decorative hardware

and this one I like the peacock detail for $45
                                       Is that expensive for a door bell?

I was originally thinking of a dragonfly, I like this little guy, and he's cheaper than the others @ $ 32.13.

Too cowboyish????? $35.44

See, now I though I could make this decision all on my own. I think I may need to put this one to a vote!!!


  1. I'm loving the dragonfly! Cowboy is a close second! Have fun picking! :) Isabelle

  2. I say peacocky one or visitors, but I am not fond of brass. We might have to steal your front door though!


  3. I feel tha same about the visitor one Kerry, what's a girl to do. All I know is I need one soon before someone gets zapped by the loose wires hanging out of my wall.



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