Friday, July 23, 2010

Fresh air cinema

Just the other night I got to take my little ones and a friend to a free ( well, by donation to the Boys and Girls club) outdoor movie at Polson Park in Vernon. We took our camping chairs, snacks and blankies. Parked our butts on the grass and watched our movie on the inflatable movie screen.

What a fantastic idea!! It was a little on the late side, I believe the movie started just after 9pm, my 4 year old didn't make it to the end but she had a fabulous time none the less.
The movie screen was rented from a company called Fresh air cinema, they are currently cruising around BC offering free to the public, outdoor movies. If you follow them on facebook you can keep up with which movies are being shown where.
Tomorrow night they are showing Avatar at the Predator Ridge driving range. I highly recommend it for the above 8 crowd, as long as the movie of choice is cleared by the parents.
I love where we live and that there is always something going on for kids and families, check your local paper and you are guaranteed to find something for every age group. There is no excuse for boredom in a place like this!!!!


  1. It is truly magical where you guys live, what a wonderful way to spend summer...enjoy. We miss all of you xxxx

  2. I want you to be my mum Kylie, you do so many amazing things with the girls, they are so lucky!! Miss you stax!!!

  3. Well Miss Dana why don't you get your butt here and I will adopt you and raise you as one of my own!!!!



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