Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My days lately are spent.......

.......Admiring our new door...still to be fine tuned but LOVE it! Any suggestions for a color?

Watching our roof get demolished and finding out we have BATS in our roof.

Strawberry tea with good friends......tastes like summer.

Not that this happens everyday....watching the hubby strut his stuff in a TV pilot filmed in our yard.

Last day of school today, my baby is done grade 4. Musical showcase yesterday was my first glimpse of Zoe playing the guitar, or at least the top of her head, she always ends up in the back row.

Exposing the Aussies to the Canadian ways.....beer and wings last night. Or Shiraz and wings if your name is Clint...he quickly changed his drink of choice to a nice cold Strongbow after being made fun of.

Lots of trampoline jumping.......aah Summer, how I adore thee!

That's all folks...........for now.

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