Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sewing bee anyone?

I made some time for myself today to venture back into the blogging world and found what looks like a super cute and easy shorts pattern for my girls by Meg from Elsie Marley.  Take a peek, she has a free tutorial on the grosgrain blog.

Here is another blogger's take on her pattern.
This one is by Jessica at craftiness is not optional..another fantastic sewing site that I highly recommend if you have little girls.

The girls have both grown like weeds over the winter and are desperately in need of some summer clothing.

Now this is highly theoretical but..... is anyone out there wanting to get together and have a sewing bee, share fabrics and do a day of sewing? All that you would need is to bring your machine, your fabric scraps (obviously big enough for a pair of shorts) and a "can do " attitiude.

Once we have masteres the knot shorts then we can tackle some of this fantastic stuff over at Heidi and Finn.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just incase you need an excuse to eat chocolate.

I had a long day of training today for my new summer job, so thought I might as well reward myself with a little lolly fix on the way home.
And lookie lookie at what I found.......

   's the Cadbury Bike Factory!!!!

I supported this cause last year....( believe me, someone has to do it!!! I'll take one for the team).

All you have to do is buy cadbury products, go to the website and enter your barcodes. You can join my team if you like so that we can build a bike even's called babes on bikes!!!! Just enter "babes on bikes" when prompted to enter a team name.
It takes 100 bar codes to build a bike...c'mon ladies and gents...I know we can do it!!
The aim is up to 5,000 bikes this year for African families, I believe last year 2,000 bikes were delivered to African school children.
If you want to do your part and help out someone less fortunate in this world of ours with the added perk of a chocolate kick then check it out. It really is a win/win situation.


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