Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween hangover

Farewell October...with your birthdays, thanksgiving and Halloween and Hello nice quiet November. 

The kids are all settling back into their post candy school routine and I'm looking forward to a month of mellowness and quiet Christmas planning. 
Halloween has come and gone (can I get a hell yeah from the audience!!!), not that I don't like to celebrate the scary season, but it does make my kiddos a little crazy.
I'm one of "those" parents that lets my kids gobble up all their candy straight after Halloween. The sooner that stuff is out of my house the quicker the sugar induced mood swings are over.

I worked this Halloween, in full costume, at the store handing out candy to all the wee little downtown trick or treaters. Within 2 hours we had around 1100 trick or treaters... that's a lot of "Happy Halloweens" and "ooooh look at YOUR costume" and " What are you's?????" 
Shortly after my shift I ripped home, took off my bat lady costume, made myself a thermos full of hot toddy, grabbed the kids and headed out for some trick or treating. The weather was nice and mild, no snow which meant the kids could show off their costumes without having to cover them up with winter jackets.

I managed to snap a few pics of the kids before they left for school, so fun that they get to dress up and wear their costumes all day. Zoe put so much work into hers, the hot glue gun, scissors and makeup were out for days as she put her outfit together. I think I might have a future Tim Burton on my hands!!
Marley put her own outfit together also and when I asked her what she was her response was " I'm a little kid who goes to pubs and kills people in the washroom". 
She looked semi sweet in her outfit until she declared her evil plot...........what do you think??

Zoe, was a mixture of the mad hatter and the evil side of the Cheshire cat. 

I'm happier that the girls are embracing the creepy side of Halloween and have grown out of the princess dresses, tiara's and cutesy costumes. 

I hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween. 


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