Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Post Secret

Did you ever have one of those mornings full of good intention, chores all planned out for the day, a checklist of things you hope to accomplish before the day is through. And then you innocently decide to check Facebook, maybe take a quick peek at pinterest while sipping your morning coffee, just a quick peek though....after all you have a million things you could get done today after you finish that coffee.
And then out of nowhere, something catches your eye, an image or catchy headline that makes you decide to click on that link, just a quick peek....I have a few minutes to spare. And then two hours later you come out of your computer induced coma wondering WTF?? Where did my morning go?

Yeah....that's me this morning. Damn it Kylie, you did it again.
Now, I know you are all busy people, so if you have things to do today STOP READING NOW.
Otherwise you will end up with a morning that went like mine and you will be cursing my name later tonight when you are lying in bed wondering why you got nothing done with your day.

Go on.......get on with you day, I won't warn you again.

If you're still here, take 5 minutes and watch this video and after that go to Post Secret and lose yourself in other people's secrets. Maybe I'm a closet voyeur....I dunno but there's something so satisfying about reading strangers deepest, innermost secrets.

I can see this becoming a regular Sunday thing for me. Put the coffee on, find a nice comfy place to sit and read until either my cheeks hurt from laughing or my heart hurts from reading and relating to others pain.
The "secrets" are updated every Sunday.

I don't believe that all secrets need to be shared with the people in your life, sometimes they can do more damage than good.
But, how great is it to have a creative outlet like this? A place where you can air your dirty laundry, to take the burden or guilt from within your heart and lay it out on the table.

Not that all secrets are destructive, some are just plain embarrassing or funny. 
So take a boo....when you have a moment...or an hour to spare. 
Maybe you can relate.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Going commando

Who has a teenage daughter? I DO!!!!!!

Who wants to dress vicariously through their teenage daughter? I DO!!!!!!!!

Who wants commando boots? I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who can afford $200 boots? I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!

But boy oh boy do I ever want a pair of these beauties.

Check out these boots from Freebird by Steven. I sooooo would have a pair of these in my imaginary pinterest wardrobe. That is, if I could have everything that I've pinned in my "MY STYLE" pinboard I'd be a happy lady, can I order my body in 2 dress sizes smaller while I'm at it so that my dream wardrobe looks just right on my frame?

A girl can dream can't she?

I stumbled across these bad boys a long time ago on pinterest, pinned the image and never went back to check out the website...until today. The boots pictured above are no longer available.....
"insert whimper" 
....but I could easily take home one to ten pairs of their vintage looking commando boots. 
With prices ranging from $195 - $395 I'll have to wait for a lottery win or for a wealthy relative to kick to bucket to get me a pair of these bad boys.

Here's the bio:

Freebird by Steven boots are handcrafted from start to finish, using a traditional Goodyear construction, in which stacks of leather are hammered together and carefully stitched to create a virtually indestructible sole. This technique has been used to create the highest quality boots for centuries. Each pair starts with carefully selected materials and is finished with extreme attention to detail, going through 5 or 6 final steps to ensure each pair is one of a kind. Our original designs inspired by vintage Americana and created using time-honored craftsmanship are a unique way to finish any look.

A girl can dream right??


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