Friday, March 26, 2010


So, the hubby is on holidays and has decided to spend his week renovating. We are adding a bathroom upstairs as well as some built in closets. Also adding some more details to our already amazing timber frame deck. Stay tuned for some pics, hopefully I can get back to blogging once the "Renocation" is over. Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crowd pleaser in a pinch

It's 6:15 no dinner anywhere in sight. Here's a little something Zoe and I whipped up for dinner.

Ingredients for 4 servings.

2 cans soup (we used roasted red pepper and tomato)

2 pkg fish (we used blue water brand haddock)

2 whole wheat flour tortillas

parmesan cheese

doesn't get easier than this I tell you.

Soup......heat in pot.
Fish.......heat in oven.
Tortillas........cut into 8th's, heat in oven.
Place chunked fish in bowl, pour soup on top, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and scoop away with your tortilla's. Mmmmm Mmmmmm Good.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I want so badly to take the hubbie on a date to go see the new Tim Burton flick, the remake of Alice in wonderland.

Check out the web site.

When I was a young lassie and VCR's were the newest in technology, I would watch Alice in wonderland over and over and over with my cousin's and siblings. We knew that movie from start to finish. Word for word.

I would love to take the kids but as it's a Tim Burton creation, I'm thinking it may be wise for the adults to go see it first, eat some popcorn, drink some soda pop and hold hands. You know....just to be sure.

This is the dress I would wear, I found it at ModCloth. They have this great section dedicated to all thing Alice. If I had more pennies to spend, I would spend them all here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You know what I love?.............

So the kids are officially on spring break, the weather is fantastic and I can feel spring weather just around the corner. Time to start thinking about the veggie patch, the fruit tree's, preserves and canning, starting my seeds, keeping the kids busy and on and on and on.
There are so many projects that I want to start but I wanted to take a moment to share some things that I have done recently that I should do more often. My thinking is, if I share it on my blog, maybe it will remind me to do it more often.

I love my old popcorn maker. There is nothing better than the way a freshly popped bowl of popcorn makes your house smell. A little sea salt, a little icing sugar, don't forget the butter and there you have it. Happiness in a bowl.

Finding you inner child.

I am sure that my husband loves me very much but when I suggested we buy the kids a trampoline for xmas and erect it in the living room....he may have wondered whether I had lost my cookies. I dare you to tell me thats not the funnest thing don't get me wrong, it wasn't all rainbows and sunshine @ the Simpsons for those 2 months what with the cramped living quaters and all. But it was worth it to see the look on people faces when I invited the over for a cuppa.

    My girls........ lets make this Spring break the best ever. Marley is onto Kindergarden this heart is breaking into little pieces.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My week in short...

Stomach Flu........

Uuuuugh, that's all I have to say about that. The pink bark bucket and I are well acquainted now after a nasty, violent 24hr stomach flu. But I'm back and ready to rumble.

Visited a funky little store the other day and fell in love with these colourful chunky knits with over sized buttons. They are from a company named Pure handknit I, however, will not be forking out the $$$$$$ for one, must learn to knit or crochet one of these days.

I did manage to get Marleys apron finished...too cute. I purchased this cute polka dot skirt at Value Village but alas, it was too small, so I turned it into an apron by cutting it in half and adding some toile straps. She loves it and now wants to be my sou's chef for every meal.

And, we mustn't forget the Olympics. What an epic hockey game on the week end. Now, I am not a fan of hockey but I am a fan of the Olympics. So we went to our friends place to watch the mens hockey game (Canada vs USA)...and incase you live under a rock...Canada won. Anywho...I had to whip something up for snackies so I made a batch of honey crackles....brings me back to my childhood. Super quick and easy......

That's my week, heading out tonight for some greek food and bellydancing. I havn't mentioned the belly dancing before, but we'll save that for another day, lets just say, this is my year for positive change and stepping outside of my comfort zone. Hence Sweet alchemy....


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