Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Zoe

This will forever be in my mind a moment where my heart swells with pride and pure adoration of my child.

A moment where a mother realises that her little baby is growing up and fluffing her feathers, resembling what will soon be a young adult preparing to take the leap from the nest.

A moment where I realised that creating moments to allow my child to leap head first into life will give her the confidence and strength to soar!!!!

A moment that will be remembered forever.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dana Banana Week


Yesterday we welcomed "Auntie" Dana to Canada and the Okanagan, after 10 years of me asking her to come visit she has finally made it to my side of the world. It's always so exciting for me to do the drive to Kelowna and pick up new visitors, I do miss Australia very, very much but I'm also proud to live in the Okanagan and show it's great qualities and beauty to everyone.

My kids were just as excited as me, making signs and banners for banana's arrival.

We're planning to do some fun stuff this week, zip lining in Oyama, paragliding in Lavington, lying on the beach at Mara Lake (if it ever stops raining) and water slides in Vernon.
The time always goes by so fast and before you know it banana's trip will be just a memory. Squeezing lots of fun stuff in is always a priority but sitting up last night just chatting and having some Dana time all to myself was lovely, catching up and reminiscing about the good old days.

I just love it when my ozzies come visit, there's not a whole lot of culture shock, it's just the little things that make me giggle and remind me of my impressions the first time here.

We snuck out last night to the neighbours house and grabbed a few cherries for munching, right now the fruit is spectacular, so I guess I should be grateful for the rain!!!

Zoe is making crepes with fresh raspberries, drizzled with real maple syrup for our aussie, now all we need is for the aussie to get out of bed and go pick those raspberries!!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Someone was thinking.

You know when you see an idea that's so simple, so necessary and just plain using you're noggin that you why didn't I think of that? Check this out...freezie sleeves!!
I have the jumbo box of freezies chilling in my freezer just waiting for the warm weather to kick in. The problem is with kids and freezies 1. Brain freeze and 2. cold fingers.

The brilliant creator and domestic goddess of Delia creates shared this fabulous craft she did with her kids on her blog. Here are her boys enjoying the fruits of their labour.
My 10 year old was given a sewing machine by her gramma for Xmas last year and this is a perfect intro craft for her.
I was at a ladies gathering last night and the birthday girl received a sewing machine also, Kerry I'm thinking this could be a good place to start. I know you're savvy with a hot glue gun so you're already part way there!!!!
I had a great night out last night with friends, good food and lots of laughs. Will share my new simple appy recipe later today over at Coolabah tree.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This one's for you Stacy

So, it's a busy week here at the Simpson Ponderosa.
My wonderful friend Dana Banana from Australia is coming to visit on Sunday so my house needs to be gutted and put back together all sparkly and clean, I really need to go to the dump, the raspberries are almost ripe which means jammin is in my near future.
But priorities my friends, I have a ladies night to attend tonight and an appy that needs to be made in order for me to put my feet up, wine glass in hand and get some time with my lady friends.
I happened across a website, I made that,  the other day and I'm yet to take the time to look the whole thing over, but on page heart skipped a beat when I saw this.................. you see this????? PORK BUNS!!!!
I have already rushed out and purchased a pork shoulder, but did not take into consideration the marinating, chilling, mixing, roasting, rising, re roasting, glazing time factor.
So sorry ladies...NO PORK BUNS FOR YOU!

Mmmmmm, my mouth is watering just looking at them. OK, back to work, I will let you know how they tasted when I get around to making them, or if you're lucky you might get an invite to come eat them with me.


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