Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This summer WILL be fun darn it

Too many times in my children's limited experience on this earth I have felt, as a mother, a little let down at my efforts to make their summer vacations memorable. So this is the year of SUMMER FUN.
I have been quietly researching the net and library for fun and inexpensive ideas to keep my kids from getting the summer blues. And also for myself to keep motivated to do fun things and not get too side tracked by serious mummy stuff.
Today I pulled an old book from the Simpson library that up until now Zoe had completely forgotten about. It's a kids cookbook from the 70's called "Pickle in the middle and other easy snacks".

She used beg me to make some of the recipes with her but now that she is almost 10 years old ( aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh....just breath) she is more than capable of tackling every recipe in the book on her own.

Now the big challenge is making sure that I, ( not that I am a control freak or anything) can keep my sticky fingers out of things and LET her do it on her own.
Dessert tonight was compliments of Zoe, Chocolate lumps, she even added her own little touch to it. Wise choice, a banana, considering the ingredients.

I do not recommend this book for any kind of nutritional award...there seems to be a lot of recipes with an awful lot of sugar, there is even one that uses deviled ham or SPAM eeeeew. Appropriately named Apple Devil.
But with recipes like candy blips, sticky stuff and Pickle in the middle, how can you not love this cookbook?
We would love to have you along for the ride as my little one's discover their inner Nigella......lets hope they don't turn out to be like little Gordon Ramsay's!


  1. You waited until we left to make chocolately goodness...oooh it looks tasty. Go Zoe!

  2. Just a little something to tempt you to come back again.



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