Thursday, June 17, 2010

mmmmmmm Toasties.

I was cleaning down in the basement today in preparation for some summer visitors and stumbled across the appliance grave site, you know, the place tucked away somewhere in your home where all good kitchen appliances go to die or be forgotten forever.

I managed to dig out my toastie maker and decided today would be a good day to introduce Marley to spaghetti toasties for a quick and easy lunch, seeing as we were having a pj kinda day.
I don't know if my Canadian friends ate these in their youth..maybe it was just my family, but I ate my fair share of these even after leaving home, they sustained me through my art school days and as a young adult with minimal cooking skills. Think of it as a retro panini press, but this one slices your sandwich for you!!!

This scary looking, weapon like tool is a camp fire version. My Dad would often cook our dinner in our lounge room fireplace with one of these. Some slices of bread, leftover mashed potato's, meat and veg and there you have it...Dinner. (Don't forget the tomato sauce).

Today's kid friendly version is plain old Heinz spaghetti straight out of the can. First a slice of bread, then the spaghetti, top with another piece of bread and into the toastie maker, wait 5 minutes..........

.....mmmmmmm good.
You could also use baked beans if you don't mind the toots, leftovers or cold cuts and cheese. I used to quite enjoy a slice of ham, some cheese and a little pineapple. I may have to leave the toastie maker out for a while longer to see if I can make me some gourmet toasties.

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