Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prairie oysters and cowboys....

Another year, another road trip to Alberta. Boy oh boy how time flies. Just like Xmas and birthdays there is one day of the year that the Simpson clan makes time for no matter what is happening in their lives.....BRANDING.
If you've not been one of the "lucky" few who have had the privilege of attending, here are some of the highlights. And remember....if you didn't get to come this year, never you mind, there's always 2011.

This little guy or gal has no idea what's about to happen.

The blue skies are something to behold, this part of the Canada is known as Big sky country.

The cowboys alone are worth the drive. I couldn't resist the sepia with this shot, the attire really is a throw back to times gone by. These are not actors my friends!!!!

The Simpson branding is still quite traditional with ropers and wrestlers ( my hubby is a wrestler gggrrrrr), here's hoping it stays that way.

The cowboys come in all shapes and sizes. This little guys had a seat right by the lady frying the prairie oysters.

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