Thursday, June 24, 2010


Josie, my Bestie from Kindergarten and her hubbie Clint are about to arrive at my little home here in BC. They have spent many, many months in Thailand and Europe and are popping in for a quick 1 week visit with the Simpson's on their way back to Oz.
Visits like this always get my heart pumping. Not that ALL visits aren't wonderful, but the thought of people caring enough about my little family to invest their precious time and money into an international visit always blows me away.
I feel all warm and fuzzy with anticipation.
There is always a mad rush to get the house and yard looking spic and span but this year I have decided that my time is better off spent sitting and visiting and putting my energy into making memories rather than panicking that there are spider webs on my ceiling and footprints on my floor.

I love my family and friends.....moments like this are a great reminder to self to stop and smell the peonies!!!

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  1. Ohhhhh your post makes me teary......We love you guys and so wrapped we can visit you. We're all warm and fuzzy that we're here with you! xxxx



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