Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wine bags

I know the snow is still on the ground and the days are still dark and cold but my mind is already in a place where the sun is shining and the spritzers are flowing. I'm still loving winter, don't get me wrong...I just tried cross country skiing for the first time yesterday and LOOOOVVVEEED it......but I'm planning ahead this year and trying to be budget conscious at the same time.
Hence my new found love for the ladies at Monashee U-brew.
I'm trying my hand at fruit wines this year, U-brew style!!! I joined the Snickerdoodles wine club with a bunch of fantastic ladies and we are going to mix and match our creations so that we come home with an "allsort" of flavours.

I used to be a purist and make my own wine from the fresh fruit of the season, stirring and stirring and waiting and draining and cleaning and bottling.
Too much tooo much work.

Which leads me to my next snippet, and how the world works in funny ways.
So after talking to Laree at MUB we tossed around the idea of my jams at her store.....can't do it legally yet BUT I can do wine bags!!!!!!

These little summer cuties are going to be in the MUB gift store, a new addition to their business. Don't they just make you want a spritzer???

The gift that keeps on giving, a reusable and reversible summery wine bag....handle included!!!!!

I hope my local readers can take the time to go check out this exciting little business, Laree and June are doing an amazing job of getting the word out there and making their products appeal to everyone.
U-brews are not just for grumpy old men anymore....come on and join the fun!!! I'm looking forward to hanging out with my girlfriends and bottling up our creations, if all goes well, I'm thinking wine making could be a fun date night out with the hubby too!

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