Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday oh hubbie of mine.

Today is the day that I am no longer a cradle snatcher, my hubby is now officially the same age as me. No more cougar jokes.....not until October.

So happy birthday to you my love......here's to many more.

I baked a little extra love into his favourite birthday cake pie, no it's not arsenic!!! He doesn't need to know that it's there.....but I know and that's all that matters.
I really put my heart and soul into his lemon meringue pie.

We are having quiet night tonight, just the family as I'm sure the phone will be ringing with birthday wishes for the big fella.
I picked him up a well deserved GC for a full body massage at the health spa at the Okanagan Valley College of massage therapy. 
$30 for 1 hr of touchy feely massage....... I'll let you know how his experience was.

On a completely separate topic...I worked my first shift today at Simply baskets ( I still think I should be paying Brenda to let me come hang out there). It was fabulous, I really feel at home there and can't wait to sink my teeth into the workings of the store. Met some lovely regulars, the coffee was great as was the company and I'm looking forward to another day at the shop tomorrow.

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