Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DIY candles.

I just have to get my butt off to Kelowna sometime soon and go visit some of my favourite stores. There are so many craft projects I want to tackle but am seriously lacking in supplies.
A quick stop at Michael's would be nice, followed by a shopping trip to the Oriental supermarket.....and sushi for lunch of course.

I spied these cute candles on the Martha website and have decided I absolutely must make some. They look so easy but what a great way to personalise a cake without(hopefully) spending too much moula.

I'm picturing them on cupcakes for a little tea party with the girls, or maybe something spring themed. So not only do I need beeswax sheets but also now I have an excuse to go buy some cute cookie cutters.

The hubby enjoyed his yummy lemon meringue birthday pie...thanks for asking. Nothing like feeding your children sugar at 8pm and then telling them to go to bed.  There's a lesson in there somewhere.tootles

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