Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hi ho hi's off to work I go.

I'm so excited to be rejoining the work force, even if it is only a few hours a week, it's perfect for me.
I had my first job interview yesterday and was hired on the spot by the most wonderful lady Brenda at Simply baskets home and gift.
I just knew we would hit it off after meeting her, my interview ended up being two hours long and I could have stayed longer and chatted if it had not been for me booking myself in at the school for winter fun day.
The thought of going back to work after being a homemaker for the last ten years has been nerve wracking to say the least, not knowing if your whole world will fall apart without you there to sweep the floors and fold the laundry.
I think I have found the perfect balance for me, casual employment, in an environment I feel at home in, with a wonderful boss.

Check out some of the wonderful displays from the store, or even better pop in and say hi! I'm sure a familiar face or two will help ease the soul and the nerves! 

Thanks again to all my wonderful friends and family for your support and the kick in the butt I needed to put myself out there.
Love you all.

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