Friday, March 11, 2011

Well hello Mr ravioli maker

Yesterday was a good day.

I went to watch my Zoe sing at the Performing Arts Centre in Vernon with her fellow choir members and was so blown away at their talents I actually had tears in my eyes. What a great experience for the kids to stand proud on a real stage and sing in front of a real audience, granted there was no possibility of them having rotten tomatoes thrown at them or getting booed off the stage, but they were truly fantastic.

Followed by a yummy lunch at Pho fusion with my wonderful friend Louisa and a very impromptu visit to a new store in town called Epicurean Food Equipment, on 27th Street.

I've been meaning to drop into this great new store as I am a bit of a kitchen gadget junkie, but never seem to manage it.
WELL, I'm amazed I was able to leave with only having spent $25 buckaroo's.

Here's what I picked up.....

Is anyone as excited as me?? Homemade Ravioli, oh the possibilities are endless. Butternut squash with feta, chicken and rosemary, beet and ginger (thanks for the inspiration Natalie), spinach and ricotta, chicken and prosciutto.....or even sweet blueberry ravioli.

Anyone want to join me for a ravioli weekend extravaganza. I think I will make a bunch and freeze them for quick weekday dinners. My kids are going to never want to move out.

We have the kitchen aid pasta roller attachment too so I can't wait to get a little production line going. I'm taking names.......anyone up for it?

I get to go to work again today, yaay for me!! I think I'm getting the hang of things, I so look forward to hanging out with Brenda and spending time in such a pretty environment where everything has a place and nobody can come along and mess it up.
Yes, that was a dig at my kids, I'm only human! I love them, just not their mess.


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