Saturday, December 11, 2010

Birdy xmas ornament tutorial

If you have lots of little scraps of fabric lying about may I suggest whipping up a couple of these adorable birdy ornaments.  They are pretty easy to make, a little time consuming but worth it, they really add a little vintage charm to the tree.
I made these little guys and then experimented with some cute little stuffed owls as well. I'll post some pics of the owls later.

What you'll need:

fabric scraps for bird.
cardboard for template.
double sided bonding sheets ( I used Pellon WonderUnder).
buttons for eyes.
ribbon for hanging
Hot glue gun 

Start by tracing the bird shape below, or design your own, taking into account the seam allowance. Then transfer to a piece of cardboard so that you can simply trace around it for a quick and easy template.
Be sure to fold your fabric wrong sides together when tracing so that the two pieces face the right way.

If you're using the wing template below you may want to trim it smaller so that it's in proportion with the rest of the bird. These pics are more guidelines than a set pattern.
Using the Wonder under, attach the wing where you would like it, if you don't have the fusible webbing you could also stitch the wings on before sewing the two bird pieces together.

Trim a piece of ribbon to the length you would like for hanging your bird and sandwich it between birdy pieces, wrong sides together. Pin in place and sew around the bird using a small seam allowance, leaving a small opening for stuffing.
This pic was my first attempt, no wings or ribbon on this one yet, but do it any old way you like.

I left an opening at the birds butt, stuffing it with soft scraps of fabric, you can also use poly stuffing if you like. Just don't over stuff or it will be more difficult to sew the opening closed.

Sew the opening closed with your machine, no need to hand stitch, just be sure to back stitch so that all seams are closed and won't come unravelled later.
I used a pin to fray around the edges of the bird to give it a more worn in appearance

Trim up any long or messy threads.

Crank up that hot glue gun and add you button eyes to finish off your birdy.
Quite easy right?

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