Thursday, May 27, 2010

Self expression rocks!

Marley is at an age where she is discovering her taste in clothing, music, food etc and is wanting to be left alone to make her own big girl choices. So when she dressed herself yesterday for a friends birthday party I just had to get some shots of her outfit. Argyle stockings, polka dot shoes , orange dress and Sunshine yellow headband. Aaaah to be 4 again.

After playing around with this pic I am feeling
an Alice in Wonderland kinda vibe. I think for Marley;s birthday this year we may have to use that theme and host an "unbirthday" party. There are some great free printable's online, as well as some very creative stuff that you can purchase that makes the decor a cinch. I'm looking forward to planning birthdays this year, maybe I can even stretch the budget a pit further and convince Zoe to use the same stuff. Hmmmmm.....we shall see.

I found some great ideas at No fuss Fabulous..I think both my girls would love a birthday party like this if I could pull it off. I may have to kick back with some popcorn and watch the original movie with the kids to get some more ideas. After all, it is only May......I should be able to get organised by October.......again....we shall see.

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