Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May.....just slow down will you?

Please tell me that you all have laundry piles this big. It's rainy out today so my staining and painting duties have had to go on hold until the sun comes out of hiding, what better way to spend the day than catch up on my laundry duties.
We are most definatley seeing some progress on the exterior of our nest, it's looking less like a shoe box every day. The husband has taken two weeks off to try to keep me from having a nervous breakdown at the state of things. He and the fantastic crew have achieved some monumental tasks this week, I have been fattening them all up with three, sometimes four meals a day so that they have fuel to  keep working. I thought I might take some time to share pics of this month before my day gets away from me again, be well everyone.

 A little peek at whats to come....

no one ever said there wouldn't be total destruction before perfection.

Some stow aways Dace found under the deck.

Stopping to smell the roses, or in this case, the tulips is about all thats keeping me sane during this reno.


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  1. Kylie my dear, I almost always have piles of laundry like that!! That is what happens when there are 3 girls in the house!! I must also add that I almost didn't recognize my dear Marley!! Give big hugs and kisses to the girls...ok Dace too! ;)



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