Thursday, April 15, 2010

sausage rolls anyone?

Lately I've been craving sausage rolls. My kids love them and I always thought that they were cheap and easy to make. I've never made them before so I jumped online and scoured the internet for some recipes. I ended up using a very basic recipe, adapted from several others using my own spices. Easy...but using store bought puff pastry...not so cheap.

The verdict.........

Delicious straight from the oven. But for school, cold, not so good. The sausage meat was a bit fatty and when eaten cold I guess is not that great. Sausage rolls for me are like pizza, they're never bad, but there's sausage rolls and there's amazing sausage rolls.
So, my mission, to find the ultimate recipe. I would love for any of you out there in blog land to send in your tried and true recipes for me to try.
My search will continue and I will be posting my favoutire recipe soon.
Help out a displaced aussie and send in your recipes PLEASE!!!!!


  1. These are my fave sausage rolls...Thai style of course!
    I also add 1-2 tablespoons of red curry paste (from a jar) to the mix.

    When my Mum makes sausage rolls she uses 1/2 sausage mince and 1/2 hamburger mince. She also adds grated carrot, onion, tomato sauce and salt and pepper...not sure of the quantities though!

    Jos xx

  2. Thanks Jos, will let you know if the thai style passsed the kido test!



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