Friday, April 23, 2010

I think I may have a problem........I dream about aprons in my sleep. I may need to start taking a dose of gravol before heading to bed just so that my brain stops ticking and I can get to sleep.
I made this apron for Miss Moo a couple of days ago, it's just a prototype but I think I may make some for the market and get other mummies addicted too.

I have been emailing the lovely Interior Health man regarding all the regulations for selling my jams at the market and it is looking doable ( is that a real word?) I have been getting the odd request and my poor hubby I am sure would love some extra money coming in. Here's hoping I can make it worth every ones while.


  1. I would LOVE some jam :-) Not sure how much time I am going to have to make some this yaer!Let me know when the "doable" is "donedid"!!

  2. Will do LaRee..any particular flavour?



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