Wednesday, April 21, 2010 heart.

Another crack in my heart, another tear cried and lots and lots of hugs from Mum and Dad.
Poor dear Zoe lost her first pet yesterday, Oscar the Siamese fighting fish. She has cared for, talked to and loved that fish for almost four years and has now also learned one of the hardest lessons in life.
Thank you Oscar, for being that guy.....or girl, we never knew your sexual orientation, but that never mattered to us. We did our best .....I hope that you are happy in fishy heaven.

Zoe wrote a note to tell you what you meant to her, then you were gently wrapped in that same note.

We eached picked you a flower and said our goodbyes.

Some of us had a little more difficulty finding the words.

One last special moment with Zoe, and a Primrose to mark your place in our hearts and our home.

Now back to business.

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