Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring break 2012

What to do, what to do with kids for spring break? My day yesterday went a little something like this.

  •  Get up, feed kids.
  •  Pull all the pictures off the wall and start moving things from wall to wall until it feels right.
  • Change one thing, nothing else feels right.
  • Put everything else back on the wall so that hubby doesn't notice when he comes home.
  • Take pics of the one thing that you are happy with (see below).

  • Feed kids lunch.
  • Go outside and burn some energy (see below).

  • Pack the kids back up in the car to get those icy cold toes into a nice warm shower.
  • Put kids to bed to rest for another fun day tomorrow.


  1. beautiful photos, so nice to see the girls, I cant believe how much they've grown, look at those legs on Zoe!!!!!
    You obviously got that new camera you wanted, your pics are terrific! xx

    1. Yes, those legs go on forever, try keeping that kid in jeans that fit!
      Yes, new camera, was a boxing day present



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