Monday, October 3, 2011

N.S. images

It was a busy couple of weeks but we made it back to B.C intact and believe it or not we are still talking to each other.
The girls spent two weeks sharing an old twin sized bed, spending every waking minute with the family, meeting LOTS of "new to them" family and countless hours driving the coast of Nova Scotia exploring and enjoying the amazing weather.

I just wanted to do a quick post and share a couple of my favourite snap shots from our time out east.

I broke my camera half way through the trip so ended up having to use my camera phone for the remainder of the time. Hint hint to the hubby for a christmas present!!!!


  1. Gorgeous photos, what a stunning place! The girls are growing soooo fast! xxxxx

  2. Great pics Ky!! My fav's are Marley running through the ocean and Zoe fishing!! Also that amazing sunset pic!!!

  3. Marcee that sunset was on our first night at Nanni Mae's house, I almost fell over when I looked out the window. We had such a great time, it would be nice if we could afford to go every year. Better buy my lotto tickets!!

  4. Thanks Jos, I think you'd like it there. The girls are growing like little weeds, especially Zoe. She may be taller than you already and is catching me at an alarming rate.
    How's things with you guys?



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