Thursday, October 27, 2011

For all my garlic customers

I was checking out Design Mom today and noticed an interesting link that she shared from, I could not resist taking a peek myself.
I thought this idea was interesting, I've seen and tried a lot of different techniques for dealing with garlic in the past. I don't own a garlic press *gasp*, that's right you  heard me....I use a knife, old school baby.
But I have fallen for the seductive promises of several gadgets that just end up taking up space and making a big old mess.

This technique would be great if you're needing a lot of garlic all at once, otherwise I can tell you there is no way on earth I would dirty two large bowls just to peel some garlic.
If any of you try it out let me know if it works with my garlic. It looks as though in the video they are peeling soft stem garlic....which is not the same as the variety that I grow.

I do believe that could be dangerous to my health and that I could have easily lost my whole day watching their short video tips and ogling their recipes. So simple, yet things that I never think to do, like how to make a lemongrass knot to add to recipes. I'm already thinking of ways to incorporate that idea into my jamming.

I would also like to share my favourite kitchen tip for dealing with stinky garlicky, oniony hands.

You know the smell. You've just chopped a tonne of onions for french onion soup, maybe you're caramelising some onions for pizza. That onion smell gets right under you skin and takes forever to go away no matter how much soap you lather on you hands!
If you have a stainless steel faucet or sink simply turn on you water, get your hands wet and rub them all over your kitchen sink or faucet, making sure that the surface touches every part of your hands, between your fingers, tops and palms. The steel neutralises the smell, try it out and let me know if it works for you too.

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