Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glimpse into Motherhood.

I was so excited today to find that my post on Marley's birthday was featured on one of my favourite blogs Simply Modern Mom, what a nice surprise.
Tiffany's blog has helped me through some parenting nightmarish moments, especially her Project 52, glimpse into motherhood.
It provides an opportunity for parents to share moments, both good and bad, giving readers a "glimpse" into others documented parental experiences that otherwise may have been quickly forgotten.
It's a pleasant reminder that we are all on the same team, working through this thing we call motherhood, cherishing the good times and boosting each other up during the bad.

I had one of those mummy moments a couple of nights ago, a good one. Here....see for yourself, I'm sure Marley will love me for this when she is a few years older.

After almost peeing my pants from giggling so hard, I managed to catch my breath, find the camera and take a couple of snaps of sleeping beauty. I'm not sure what possessed my child to go to sleep with her helmet on, I may never know but I do have the photographic evidence to prove it.
 I don't know what the dealio is with Marley, she seems to have this ability to sleep in the most bizarre positions and locations. I know I have more photos of her sleeping in weird scenarios, I think I will prepare a montage for her wedding day...I'm sure there will be more late night photo shoots between now and then.

If you have a moment of two go check out SMM.

Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood

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