Thursday, October 20, 2011


A little late night googling last night revealed some interesting and exciting info for the closet tea drinker in me. I have a new addiction to a certain specialty drink...mmmmm London Fog how I covet thee... from Suzie's Bluenose Deli, it's my guilty pleasure every once in a while.

 The thing that makes this yummy, hot, sunshine in a mug drink so special is the variety of tea that Suzie uses, the Organic Earl Grey tea with rose by Moteas.

So imagine my surprise when I searched for a little more info on this tea to find that the product is produced right here in the sunny Okanagan.
Pierre and Amber Piché are based in Kelowna and sell their teas in a select few stores throughout BC, including our local deli......doesn't that make us feel so special.

With tea flavours such as Hibiscus Berry, Chocolate Mint Rooibos, Lemongrass green tea and Okanagan White Orchard, one could easily have a different tea for every day of the week. I have tried the Chocolate Mint Rooibos and it is divine.....and remember I am a coffee whore, so this is HUGE for me to like a tea this much.

 My friend Nancy, who by the way is the ultimate gift giver, gave to me for my birthday some gorgeous new tea mugs with a stash of my favourite Earl Grey from Moteas. I've been making my London Fogs at home as Suzie does have to go home at some point and my tea craving is usually a late night thang. 

But alas, I am down to my last tea bag, hence the late night googling. Moteas takes online orders, although the shipping is steep at $10, but worth every penny if you live far away. I suggest if you are a local to purchase from your nearest local supplier like Suzie. There is a store locator on their website.....but in the meantime if you pop on over to Suzie's deli and ask for a London Fog I guarantee you will be smitten.


  1. Ohhhhh that sounds yummy. I LOVE tea, will have to try some of this London Fog!

  2. How do I make a london fog?

    1. 1 Earl grey tea bag, steeped in hot water. A little vanilla syrup and topped with steamed milk....ahhh heaven.



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