Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yay for bargain hunting.

This weekend I got a surprising shopping tip from an unexpected source. My friend Lyndsay's hubby Scott could not wait to share with me the world of amazing bargains to be had by one and all at the local Fields store in Lumby.
"Nine bags of stuff for under $60" he tells me.
The thrifty in me could not ignore the hot tip, no matter where the juicy info originated from, so I packed up the family and headed out for to find me some deals.
At first I was doubtful and wasn't finding much, but after a few minutes the goodies started to emerge, just like a good hunting trip.
Take a gander..the most I paid for any one item was $3, which was for these shoes for Miss Zoe.

Bed in a bag anyone? I picked up four of these, original price $50 & $ price $2

$2 clothing items for the ladies of the house.

Ahhhhh, I feel better now.

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