Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a winter wonderland out there.

I think the Canadian snow loving gene is slowly penetrating my Aussie sun loving being. Its been 10 years since I moved here and I would say it's taken those 10 years for me to really appreciate this insane weather.

Usually I am so in awe of the snow in the beginning of the winter, it's so pretty the way it blankets everything and makes all things look so strikingly clean and fresh....but just after Xmas something snaps inside of me ( I believe this may be the beginning of the infamous cabin fever), and I've had my fill. Counting down the days until spring and the warm sunshine becomes my daily ritual.

But this year I must say, I don't half mind the fluffy white stuff and the chilly mornings.

This year we purchased skates for the whole family and are making a wee bit of an effort to learn to skate, it's a bit embarrassing to be out there on the ice pushing around a chair for balance, I'm finding these days the fear of falling on my butt is way more scary that being laughed at because I look like an idiot.

The luge track is open for business and is better than ever. The hubby spends hours manicuring the track every year and fine tuning the angles and turns to satisfy the need for speed. It's a fine art let me tell you and he does it so well.

To keep ourselves busy inside we've been picking small projects that require no budget to complete, purging house stuff has been a big focus this year and finishing off projects long forgotten.
Here's a shot of some wall art hubby recently hung in the living room, some old saw blades we got from a farm auction.
This wall was an odd one to find art for and this seems to work well, plus..added keeps the kids from climbing on and around the couch.

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