Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I want so badly to take the hubbie on a date to go see the new Tim Burton flick, the remake of Alice in wonderland.

Check out the web site.

When I was a young lassie and VCR's were the newest in technology, I would watch Alice in wonderland over and over and over with my cousin's and siblings. We knew that movie from start to finish. Word for word.

I would love to take the kids but as it's a Tim Burton creation, I'm thinking it may be wise for the adults to go see it first, eat some popcorn, drink some soda pop and hold hands. You know....just to be sure.

This is the dress I would wear, I found it at ModCloth. They have this great section dedicated to all thing Alice. If I had more pennies to spend, I would spend them all here.

1 comment:

  1. If you havent seen Wonderland by the time we get there, we'd love to go see it too!

    And we cant wait to see your vegie patch in full action....Im already talking about picking Raspberries!

    Jos xx



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