Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This one's for you Stacy

So, it's a busy week here at the Simpson Ponderosa.
My wonderful friend Dana Banana from Australia is coming to visit on Sunday so my house needs to be gutted and put back together all sparkly and clean, I really need to go to the dump, the raspberries are almost ripe which means jammin is in my near future.
But priorities my friends, I have a ladies night to attend tonight and an appy that needs to be made in order for me to put my feet up, wine glass in hand and get some time with my lady friends.
I happened across a website, I made that,  the other day and I'm yet to take the time to look the whole thing over, but on page heart skipped a beat when I saw this.................. you see this????? PORK BUNS!!!!
I have already rushed out and purchased a pork shoulder, but did not take into consideration the marinating, chilling, mixing, roasting, rising, re roasting, glazing time factor.
So sorry ladies...NO PORK BUNS FOR YOU!

Mmmmmm, my mouth is watering just looking at them. OK, back to work, I will let you know how they tasted when I get around to making them, or if you're lucky you might get an invite to come eat them with me.

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm those pork buns look yummy! Have a great time with Dana visiting, will be thinking of you guys and wishing hard that I was there too...miss you xxxx



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