Thursday, July 14, 2011

Someone was thinking.

You know when you see an idea that's so simple, so necessary and just plain using you're noggin that you why didn't I think of that? Check this out...freezie sleeves!!
I have the jumbo box of freezies chilling in my freezer just waiting for the warm weather to kick in. The problem is with kids and freezies 1. Brain freeze and 2. cold fingers.

The brilliant creator and domestic goddess of Delia creates shared this fabulous craft she did with her kids on her blog. Here are her boys enjoying the fruits of their labour.
My 10 year old was given a sewing machine by her gramma for Xmas last year and this is a perfect intro craft for her.
I was at a ladies gathering last night and the birthday girl received a sewing machine also, Kerry I'm thinking this could be a good place to start. I know you're savvy with a hot glue gun so you're already part way there!!!!
I had a great night out last night with friends, good food and lots of laughs. Will share my new simple appy recipe later today over at Coolabah tree.

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