Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From snow to sunshine.

What a difference a day makes. Not 24 hours ago it was snowing and yet today I think I may have got a new shade of pink on my skin from all of the sunshine.
I ventured out this morning with a lively bunch of ladies who have created their own little hiking group. I've been putting off invitations for years but caved in today and decided to join the gals......the promise of lunch at Friesen's may have helped me a little.
I thought I'd share some pics of the hike so that all of my non local readers can see what a beautiful place I get to live in.


We hiked down to the shores of Kalamalka Lake to Cosen's Bay. I've ventured down here many times before with friends and family however on the hike back up we took a different route than I usually do.

I'm also usually carrying a child, a picnic basket and pushing a stroller. So today it was just me and my water bottle.

There's not a lot of green yet, but it's coming. There were a few varieteis of wild flowers out to make me happy. Along with some deer carcass and dog poo!!!

There were about 10 of us hiking today. Ladies of all ages and fitness levels. I think I was the youngest but I have no doubt in my mind that these ladies will be kicking my butt on more intense hikes.

I'm so glad I packed along my camera today, I would be kicking myself right now. It really was so nice out.

One last look back at the lake before the climb back up the hill.


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