Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I heart moss

OK, so I may have gotten my neighbours thinking I've totally lost the plot due to my recent rampage down my street gathering moss. No biggie...right?
With winter slowly approaching and all the leaves turning beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red you can't help but notice the bright green moss growing on the side of the road. I just had to have me some.

I have no idea how to keep this stuff alive and I'm positive that I will more than likely kill it  but it's OK, there's plenty more where this stuff came from.
So yesterday when I was supposed to be cleaning my living room like a good mommy does while her kids are in school and she has those precious few hours to go on a scrubbing, mopping rampage....I, instead found myself tearing and stuffing lovely mounds of green moss at the base of my house plants.Followed by a lovely fall centrepiece for my dining room table that only I will appreciate and admire because apparently my family just doesn't get the whole moss thing......actually, I don't think they even noticed.

Decorating can be such a thankless job, but someones gotta do it!!!

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