Sunday, September 5, 2010

Only in my dreams....

Did you ever see anything more dreamy than this set up?
I was mindlessly surfing today and stumbled across the photography of Ditte Isager.
Born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark. Living in NYC since 2006. The style is simple nordic. Working with contrast in materials, light, color and objects. Inspiration comes from the light in the Dutch masters, storytelling and effects from motion pictures and the style, character and layers of NY.

I'm going back for another look in the hopes that the images will follow me to bed tonight and inspire a fairytale like dream or two!


  1. Ah, that looks amazing!! I could nap there forever.

  2. So pretty! Love your new page too, it's very you!
    p.s. the slides were awesome...less than 30 people when we got there and weird as we almost bailed.



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