Monday, September 6, 2010


After much procrastinating I finally decided to go ahead and get the Zooey Deschanel chunky bangs, along with a much needed color to cover the infamous greys.
I'm liking it a lot, although I'm not much into actually DOING my hair, I think I can manage using the hairdryer every once in a while to give those extra chunky bangs some attention.
I may regret it in a week or two when they get a mind of their own and start a mutiny on my head, but for regrets.

Anyone have any hair horror story's to share? I know I've had my fair share, like the time I was a struggling student and decided to bleach my dark hair without any thought as to how I was going to afford to upkeep. Lets just say the "skunk" look  never did suit me.
Hope you all had a great long weekend. I don't know about all you other parents out there but I am soooo looking forward to back to school.  My sewing machine and I are planning to get reacquainted!!!


  1. I remember when my so called best mate decided that she should also bleach my hair...first time ever I had color in my you happen to remember that too?????

  2. Love the new hair Kylie
    Right now my head is ffffreezing :) that's my disaster :)

  3. Oh Dana, yes I remember! I am amazed I actually still have hair left after all the torture I have inflicted on mysel......and others aparently!
    And Lyndy, do you need me to send you a touque?
    Summer is on its way!



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