Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home sweet home.....

........ain't lookin' so sweet right now.

Did you ever start a project thinking it would be quick and easy and then have it turn into the project from hell? Well, as all of my friends have heard more than enough times this summer, we are living through one of the worst reno nightmares to date.
The hubby and I are huge into DIY projects, but there comes a time where some things are a little too big for one couple to our roof. So we decided to hire this one out, and I'm not naming any one know who you are....thinking it would be about two weeks to completion.
We are now into our second month and this is where we are as of yesterday.
Leaking roof, nowhere to park, unprofessional crew cussing and smoking and leaving their garbage everywhere, I promise this is the last you will hear of this...I just needed to vent.
Luckily for us there was a break in the misery yesterday with a new crew on the job..with manners to boot! There were tears of joy and relief!!!
I will post new pics as the roof is completed....fingers crossed.
As for all the perennials under that mess, luckily fall is upon us and they will need to be cut down anyway. That's me trying to make lemonade out of my lemons!!!!!


  1. Ugghhh! New crew though....things are looking up!!! :)

  2. Oh, no!! I hope you get things moving now that you have a new crew.

  3. Oh gosh, not that I need to rub salt into the wound, but I cant believe the roof is still being done, to think it started when we were there! You guys must be jumping from your bedroom balcony with joy now that there is a new roofing crew, hooray!



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