Monday, August 9, 2010

Big sky country.

Usually a trip to Gramma Le's house goes a little something like this.
  • wake up, get in car.
  • gas up in Vernon.
  • Drive for 3 1/2  hours to Golden, pee, gas up again, eat at Subway, get back in the car.
  • Drive for 3 1/2 hours to Calgary, pee, gas up again, eat at Wendy's, get back in the car.
  • Drive for 3 1/2 hours to Jenner, say hi to Gramma and Popsie, pee, unload car and collapse on couch.
But, for a change, we did it a little something like this.........
  • Leave home in the afternoon.
  • Drive at a more leisurely pace, then join some fantastic friends and camp for the night.

  • Spend the morning nursing a wee sore head whilst the kids learn to drive farm equipment.

  • Jump in the car at noon and head to Calgary to hang out with more great company.

  • Spend the night in the city, shopping, visiting and generally catching up.

  • Get up, eat yummy breakfast, watch a movie, pack up the car and drive 3 hours to the ranch, stopping along the way for an impromptu photo shoot with the kids.

  • Get to Gramma's, say hi, cook yummy dinner, feed a baby calf, watch the sunset and go to bed.

  • Much better.


  1. That is a fantastic picture of the girls!!!!

  2. Love the photo of the girls! Have a wonderful vacay!



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