Saturday, March 1, 2014

Domestic Diva tip #2

I decided a while back that seeing as I spend so much time on Pinterest I may was well take the time to test some of the life altering domestic tips I have painstakingly pinned.
I do spend way to much time on Pinterest...I can admit it.
I'm actually addicted to tell you the truth......don't tell my husband!!

Honey..if you're reading this....just remember all the yummy recipes I've prepared for you recently, and understand that without Pinterest, none of those recipes would have made it to your dinner plate!!

So here's one I tried out again today and, I am happy to say, with pleasing results.

This pin comes from DIY Project and is titled "Scent your entire home".

Here's what all of you winter loving, furnace using folks in the great white north are going to do.

Pick yourself up a bottle of room fragrance or a bottle of essential oil.
I use the body shop room fragrance green tea and lemon, occasionally switching it up with mandarin and tangelo...also from the body shop. 

I find that the longer you use the same scent the less you notice it and changing it up every once in a while makes your house feel fresh and shiny all over again, just like the first time!!!!
We are big fans of citrus scents in this household. Citrus body wash, citrus hand soap, citrus moisturizers, citrus everything!

Next you're going to head on down to your mechanical room, you know, the room that houses all of the vital organs of your home like the hot water tank, furnace, electrical panel. I like to call it the man cave.
In that room you should find a furnace, maybe it looks a little like this...

The next step is to gently slide out your furnace filter and drop some of your room fragrance or essential oils directly onto the filter.

And, as my children will tell favourite saying........put it back where it came from!!!!

I have used this domestic diva tip in the past and have had complaints from the hubby as I was a little too generous with my droplets, my house smelt like one of this ladies you get stuck behind at the cashier wearing waaaaaay to much perfume. So tread lightly until you find just the right amount for your personal smelling preference.

For those of you currently living in the southern hemisphere and do not have a furnace, you can also try this domestic diva tip on your air conditioner as directed on the link from DIY Project network.
Apparently it works just as well, feel free to leave me a comment and let me know how it went. We have a heat pump at our house that cools us down in the hot summers, so I have a while to wait to try this tip out.

So that concludes today's Domestic Diva tip, stay tuned as I experiment and test out my pins for usefulness and general domestic zen-ness??? Is that a word?

Meh.......see ya!

P.S. Feel free to check out my pin board titled Domestic here

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