Friday, October 19, 2012

My happy little vegemite.

It's official...Miss Marley is now officially an Australian citizen. Only took me 7 years to get my butt organised and get the paperwork done. 
She received her certificate in the mail yesterday and now I can get her an Aussie passport to complete the process....woohoo.
I will now teach her the happy little Vegemite jingle (Zoe's favorite), the slip slop slap song and other random Aussie trivia that she will be needing in the future if she wants to "blend in"!!!!

Next big thing on my humongous list of things to do is to get my Canadian citizenship, and from what I have been reading is quite a bit more complicated that Marley's simple application process. Oh the joys of marrying someone from another country. 
I am, at this point, an expert form filler outer lady, I think I should get myself a government job after all of this is over. 
I'm thinking the passport office could use my expertise!!!

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