Monday, December 19, 2011

How'd you like them apples.........I mean plums!

I have to share this website will all my thrifty ladies out there, please for your own shopping benefit you simply must go check out Pick Your Plum.... the tag line says it all "get it before your neighbor does".
Its kind of like but with way cool craft supplies, the clock is always ticking and they only ever have limited supplies. You do have to sign up to get the deals but they post to facebook or directly to your email whenever there is a new deal available.

To days deal is a little late for your Christmas gift wrapping but the El cheapo in me could not resist the price of the colored butchers twine. By the time I got to the checkout there was only yellow, orange and purple but I'll take what I can get at 65% off, and shipping was the same whether you ordered 1 or 18 so I put the call out and split the delivery fee with another thrifty momma.
You can expect that next time you get a gift from me it will be gorgeously wrapped in this cute stuff. Yellow twine for spring, orange for Halloween and fall and purple for the fun.
Not sure what you would do with twine? Check out this blog for some cute ideas.

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